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Vision Workshop

Envisioning the Year in a New Way

An online event hosted by Jewelweed

In this online workshop, you will learn to refine your physical vision through somatic awareness exercises and connect deeply to your inner vision with guided meditation and writing directions.

Identifying tools and practices that work for you and can be sustained throughout the year's seasons will support your growth and the natural transformation that occurs in 12 months. You will learn how to pay attention to your needs for balance around rest, activity, creativity, and alone and social times.

Francine's approach is grounded both in the body and in intuitive connection; she will take you on a unique journey to see the year with new eyes and create a seasonal map that will support you throughout this cycle.


Thank you for weaving such a beautiful circle for our Vision Workshop!

You will find four recordings and two documents below. Click on the titles to open. 

- A short grounding somatic awareness practice (10mn) to help you connect with yourself. It is a great way to start your day or enter into a creative space for writing, meditating, making art, etc..., or at night before going to bed.

- A writing exercise: making a chain of words (5mn). You will hear the example of my chain of words starting with the word "Eyes" and how this concept works. This is a very adaptable writing practice; you can spend 5 or 20 minutes and start with any word that resonates with you at the moment. I suggest starting with something very simple and not emotionally charged.

- A guided visualization to meet the year (19mn). You might want to listen to it at the beginning of each season or whenever you feel the need to reconnect with your values, purpose and presence.

- A somatic awareness practice focused on the eyes (24mn). This exercise can be done anytime you want to develop your awareness; each time you do it, you will discover something different about yourself. Try it as a weekly practice for a month or a season.

- The copy of "Honoring Vision" from Pixie Lighthorse. This comes from her first book Prayers of Honoring. All her books can be found at Jewelweed. They are wonderful companions on your journey.


The Wheel of the Year with each season, quarters and cross-quarters, as celebrated in ancient European traditions. To learn more, I recommend the work of Lara Vesta. You can join her Olden Practice on Patreon; it is a well of information and practices.

I hope you work with these resources and materials throughout the year and deepen into your values and your body to find beauty and meaning each season.

With love,


Video recording of our workshop:

The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes.

Marcel Proust

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