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Talks & Interviews

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Is creativity really what we think it is? Francine gives us a definition of creativity that allows each of us to experience our creative selves and offers ideas to incorporate easy practices into our daily life.

A 30-minute talk with Prasada WholeBeing guide Meg Townsend.
Language & patterns, and a somatic awareness practice
Francine talks about the effect of changing language as an adult, how it changed her way of sensing and knowing herself, and opened possibilities she would not have otherwise. She also leads a somatic awareness practice.

A 48-minute conversation with Erin Duffy Oswald.
Image by Alex Shute
Joy - Beyond Being Happy
What is joy, and how do we experience it on a deep level? Francine gives us a new perspective on joy and how it is connected to our values, slowing down, being grounded
and present.

A 30-minute talk with Prasada WholeBeing guide Meg Townsend.
Image by Nathan Dumlao
Francine talks about gratitude as a nourishing practice. To recognize what we have in our life, see the bigger picture and be present in a connective way is the bedrock for being thankful.
She also explains why letter-writing can be a practice of gratitude and authentic connection.

A 30-minute talk with Prasada WholeBeing guide Meg Townsend.
The Magic of Regeneration
Join Host Erin Duffy Osswald and guest Francine Bonjour-Carter for this flowing conversation that touches upon the weaving of fate, somatic awareness, the interconnectedness of humans, and why we sometimes need a "rough spot".

Just Like Magic Podcast Episode - 1h11min.
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Letter-Writing: An Embodied Practice to Nourish Authentic Connection
Francine talks about letter-writing as being a movement of our imagination and inspiration, and how it relates to our somatic awareness.
A 3min32s excerpt from Move Better Live Better Summit 2022
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Voice: a Conversation With Lee Hunsaker
Francine talks about the topic of Voice and the importance of telling our stories with guest Lee Hunsaker, the creative soul behind the spoken words show Hoot.
A 50-minute conversation from the ReConnect Program.
Image by Nathan Dumlao
Nourishment: a Conversation With Toni Boyette
Francine talks about nourishment with guest Toni Boyette, from the food that supports our bodies to what nourishes us on a deeper level and how it all connects to community.
A 50 minutes conversation from the ReConnect Program.
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