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Francine Bonjour-Carter
:: Listener - Meaning Maker - Somatic Educator ::

Francine Bonjour-Carter

Picture Cindy Fatsis

In 2006, at 31-year-old, I moved to the USA from my native France. To be adopted by the English language has been an unexpected and freeing way to explore and express who I am without the limiting beliefs of my upbringing. My forties have been a shedding process, a voyage into depth and discernment, and a search to find a meaningful direction for life by becoming more aware of the different aspects of myself and reclaiming personal sovereignty.

I offer support and resources to people who feel disconnected and experience challenging life transitions via body awareness, writing, and deep self-care practices. My work is rich and grounding and addresses the many layers that make us who we are (emotional, somatic, psychological, and relational). Through individual sessions, classes, workshops, or retreats, I take others through the journey of re-connecting with their deeper self to live a life rooted in beauty, authenticity and meaning.

I live near Philadelphia on unceded Lenni Lenape land with my husband, our two children, a howling dog, a curious kitty, a few snakes, feral honeybees, and a wild garden.

What has shaped me:




- Active member of Literati Academy (2020 - present)

- Workshops and Craft Talks with Ellen Bass (2021, 2022)

- Spoken Words Show with The Moth Community Program (May 2022)

- Spoken Words Show with Laura Lentz at Literati Academy (October 2022)


- Mixed media art  and journaling

Creator of mixed media cards for ReConnect Program (2020-present)

Spirituality & Ancestral Healing:

- Earth Medicine School with Pixie Lighthorse (2012-2019)

- Host of monthly Women's Circles (2015-2020, 2023)

- Year-long study with The Dark Goddess Project: rites of passage and integration of life transitions - with Lara Vesta (Dec.2021-Jan.2023)


- Somatic education system of The Feldenkrais Method® as a student (France, 2003-2006. USA, 2006-present)

- Practice of the Indonesian martial art White Crane Silat (2003-2013)

Professional training in the Feldenkrais Method® (Baltimore, 2012-2016)

- Private practice specializing in chronic pain, neurological challenges and brain injuries with individual hands-on work and weekly group classes (2014-2020)

- Continuing education workshops and conferences with the Feldenkrais Method® (2015-present)

- Living and growing with a scoliotic spine

- Inner child and re-mothering practices through movement and body awareness

- Finding possibilities in life through finding possibilities in the body

- Ancestral healing in a female body

- Healing from excisional breast biopsy

- Personal interest and studies in neuroscience and biopsychology

Snake Skeleton Pattern or Snake Curve in the wooden Background_edited.jpg
Image by Beth Macdonald


Mythology, Folk & Fairy Tales:

- Study of the works of Dr Clarissa Pinkola-Estes (2013-present)

- Study of the work and Storyteller course of Dr Martin Shaw (2015-present)

- Courses and presentations by Sharon Blackie (2016-2019)

- Courses and programs with Lara Vesta (2016-present)

- Courses and workshops with Michael Meade (2019-present)

Family Constellations:

- Weekend workshop introduction in France (2005)

- In-person workshop with Mark Wolynn (Omega Institute, 2018)

- Online and in-person workshops with Suzi Tucker (2020-present)

Study of Jungian concepts and archetypes.

Personal interest and studies of psychology and relationship dynamics.

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