Origin - Online Course
A rich online course to reconnect with your mythic self and awaken your imagination through the depth of myths and elements of nature in order to write our story of origin.
February 20th - March 11th
Your Story
Intuitive writing to reclaim your personal mythology.
Receive a unique, handmade booklet containing a channeled story just for you, with questions, prompts and a ritual for your personal exploration.
Monthly Letter
A heartfelt, handwritten letter mailed directly to you. Receive it by mail every month, sit down and enjoy taking the time to let the words touch you.
Earth Medicine Circle
A time to connect, share, and be witnessed wherever you are in life right now. A different focus each time, it might include storytelling, shamanic journey, oracle cards.
Every month, online.
Cards & Stories
A tool for insight shared from an intuitive writing process, a golden thread to help you dive into your own stories with gentleness.
Published every month for members, four times a year for non-members.

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