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Deepening Into Story
- May 2022 -
We will explore the story of The Handless Maiden from the book Smokehole by Martin Shaw, and look for the gifts this story holds for each of us about transformation.

Book Club organized by Jewelweed Store.

Bringing back the art of writing letters to each other, and a deepening practice of meaning, trust, and authenticity.

Summer season: registration opens on May 27th.
Handwritten Letter
A tangible handwritten letter sent to you every month or every other months. A meaningful process of taking the time for reflection and intimate living.
Monthly subscription $8/month.

Past Offerings

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Into The Mystery
A voyage into your deep self and into the realms of the Mystery through some archetypes of the Major Arcana of the Tarot. One weekly meeting, prompts and guided meditations to deepen your study and personal experience.

Three week-long, four online Zoom meetings.
A 3-week online course about exploring our origin story through myth and deep imagination.

We will explore ancestral connection, sensory embodiment, elements of nature and stories to re-write our own origin story from a mythic perspective.
Your Story
Intuitive writing based on a Tarot/Oracle card to reclaim your personal mythology.
Receive a unique, handmade booklet containing a channeled story just for you, with questions, prompts and a ritual for your personal exploration.