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Deepening Into Story

Deepening Into Story
The Power of storytelling

Through old European folk/fairy tales or stories from mythology, the world of transformations and initiations opens to us.

This workshop is a beautiful exploration of the meaning of our own experiences and how a story or myth helps us gain a deeper perspective on our personal narratives.

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- Group size: 6 to 20 people

- From 2 hours to a weekend-long workshop

- Materials required and provided: A handmade booklet with the story and pages for taking notes. Small books for certain stories. Temporary tattoos (for longer workshops).

Possible Stories and Myths to explore:

- The Handless Maiden

- Persephone

- Fox Woman Dreaming

- Nettle-Eater (with a small book to purchase)

- Sometimes A Wild God (with a small book to purchase)

What participants learn:

- Listen to a story from an embodied, sensory perspective

- Identify and reflect on the places they connect with in the story

- Access their imagination in a grounded way

- Dive deeper into the times of transformation and initiations in their life

- Walk with and learn from a story

What they experience:

- Connect to deeper parts of themselves

- The gifts of a story/myth on a personal & collective level

- An immersion into the mythopoetic

- A profound sense of meaning

- The power of learning from symbols

Short Workshops

- 2 hours 30

Introduction and welcome

Embodied Awareness Exercise

Telling of the story (simple version)




- 2h30 to 4 hours -

As above


Guided writing


Deepening further into the topics and the passages of the story that resonate with the group.

Long Workshops

- One Day -

Introduction and welcome

Embodied Awareness Exercise

How to approach a story

Telling of the story Part 1



-- Lunch Break --

Telling of the story Part 2



Guided writing

- Two Days -

As above


Temporary tattoo ritual


Deepening into the topics of the story that resonate with the group. These topics can be: transformation, embodied initiations, healing, descent into and return from the dark places, belonging, nature connection, creativity, empowerment, ancestral connection, grief, belonging

Let's get in touch

If you have questions and/or are interested in having me to guide and teach at your space, event, or retreat, you can contact me by email or by phone. I'd be happy to chat with you, answer your questions, and explore how we can collaborate.

Thank you for your interest, I am looking forward to speaking with you!

Call me: (215) 626-3019.

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