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Misty Slopes

Earth  Medicine Circle

:: Monthly online gathering ::

We all thrive in creative and supportive environments, each of us having unique abilities to regenerate and expand when given a place to be seen and heard, like in the heart of the village, in the arms of a loved one, on the mossy ground of your favorite forest, at the hearth of an elder...

Earth Medicine Circle is one of those places.

Open to anyone who is ready to honor this way of re-connecting and to participate with full presence and respect, this gathering is a shelter to explore differently, to experience grief, to celebrate, to learn, to reconnect with our ancestors, and to fully belong. 


Art by Pippa Dyrlaga

Earth Medicine Circle is on pause until the end of the Summer.

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You will receive the Zoom link by email on the morning of our gathering.

Circle lasts approximately 2 hours.

Misty Slopes
Misty Slopes

“Regaining lost instinct and healing injured instinct is truly within one's reach, for it returns when a woman pays close attention through listening, looking, and sensing the world around herself.”

Clarissa Pinkola Estes

You can expect a new theme every month, with most of the following:

- journeying to the other world

- respectful sharing time

- oracle cards reading

- storytelling

- ritual

- guided visualization

- occasional creative making

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