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Going deeper

Experiences for

There is a calling.

In your heart, in mine - it is a longing.

For reconnection, for authenticity, and for slowing down.

For clarity, purpose, and meaningful living.


There is an answering:

From stories, myths, and archetypes.

From animals, plants, rivers and mountains, guides of many forms and shapes.

From embodied practices, handwritten letters, ancient songs, and genuine presence.


And there is you,

and there is me,

and all the threads we can weave together to create a deep and meaning-full life.


My work comes from a deep desire to reconnect and be grounded; it embraces change, honors transformation, and calls for an exploration of what is beneath the surface. Rooted in creativity, it is fluid and takes many shapes: writing, art, storytelling, embodied practices - always going in the same direction: deeper into ourselves.

Everything you will find here is a supportive process for developing awareness and connecting with the possibilities in your life journey.

Francine Bonjour, Francine Bonjour-Carter

Picture Cindy Fatsis

Aerial Forest

Connecting Together



Registration for Winter season

opens November 4th.

Bringing back the pleasure of writing letters, cultivating presence, and slowing down. 

Each season you receive:

- a package with stationary paper, notecards, stickers, and stamped envelopes

- a new topic for personal exploration each month

- inspirational videos, audios, stories, and prompts

- access to our monthly study group online

- a letter from another participant

Monthly Circle.png


The CO Lab Glenside, PA.

A warm and supportive space to tend to yourself through ritual, reflection and community.

Spend an evening grounded in respect, authenticity and connection to honor the cycles of life and find deep nourishment.




A seven-day retreat for women in the City of Time - a place full of history and beauty.

June 2024

Dates TBA

A rich and balanced week including group activities (creative writing, somatic awareness), rest, historic sites, personal exploration, and fresh croissants!

An all-inclusive retreat for an unforgettable experience.

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