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My work comes from a deep desire to reconnect and be grounded; it embraces change, honors transformation, and calls for an exploration of what is beneath the surface. Rooted in creativity, it is fluid and takes many shapes: somatic awareness, writing, art, storytelling, embodied practices - always going in the same direction: deeper into ourselves.

While personal exploration is at the heart of change, there is no healing journey outside of community. Personal development and self-growth are only relevant when they nourish a better life with the people around us, whether it is our partner, child(ren), neighbours, colleagues, or strangers. 

I offer programs and classes to develop awareness, connect with the possibilities in your life journey, and strengthen communities around values rooted in growth and care.

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Getting Together

Aerial Forest


Spring season is underway, registration for Autumn opens in September.

Bringing back the pleasure of writing letters, cultivating presence, and slowing down. 

Each season you receive:

- a package with stationary paper, notecards, stickers, and stamped envelopes

- a new topic for personal exploration each month

- inspirational videos, audios, stories, and prompts

- access to our monthly study group online

- a letter from another participant



An eight-night retreat for women in the City of Time - a place full of history and beauty.

June 20th-28th, 2024 - SOLD OUT

Spend 8 days in a beautiful town in the East part of France with a small group of women for an unforgettable experience.

This rich and balanced week includes group activities (creative writing, somatic awareness, women's circles), rest, historic visits, personal exploration, and delicious food!

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