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Into The Mystery

:: Into The Mystery ::
Exploring the Tarot archetypes

Through a magical short movie, we enter into the mysterious world of symbols and archetypes of the Tarot.

This workshop is a profound way to explore our values and the meaning of our experiences in order to understand more about ourselves. We learn how to become anchored, solid, and connected.

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- Group size: 6 to 20 people

- From 2 hours to a weekend-long workshop

- Materials required (can be provided): screen to play or project the movie, mats/blankets to lie on the floor. Art materials for longer workshops (glue sticks, ephemera, collage papers, blank cards, markers, pencils, stickers)

What participants learn:

- What an archetype is and how to work with that concept

- Identify the archetypes and symbols that resonate for them

- How to sit with questions and curiosity

- Access their imagination in a grounded way

- Develop compassion and understanding from seeing situations from a symbolic perspective

What they experience:

- Connect to deeper parts of themselves

- An immersion into the mythopoetic

- A profound sense of meaning

- The impact of symbols and archetypes

This workshop is not a Tarot reading session but a personal exploration through symbols and archetypes.

Short Workshops

- 2 hours

Introduction and welcome.

What is an archetype and how to work with it.

Embodied Awareness Exercise.

Watch a 15-minute magical video about the Tarot.

Exploration of the progression of the movie (from the Fool to the Lovers).



- 2h30 to 4 hours -

As above


Guided writing.


Deepening further into some of the archetypes of the Tarot (Major Arcana).

Long Workshops

- One Day -

Introduction and welcome.

What is an archetype and how to work with it.

Watch a 15-minute magical video about the Tarot.

Embodied Awareness Exercise based on a Tarot card.

Exploration of the first half of the Tarot archetypes following their appearance in the movie.

Guided writing.


-- Lunch Break --

Exploration​ of the second half of the Tarot archetypes.

Embodied Awareness Exercise based on a Tarot card.


- Two Days -

As above


Creation of a personal Tarot card (mixed media, collage, writing).


Deepening into the topics and archetypes that resonate with the group.

Let's get in touch

If you have questions and/or are interested in having me to guide and teach at your space, event, or retreat, you can contact me by email or by phone. I'd be happy to chat with you, answer your questions, and explore how we can collaborate.

Thank you for your interest, I am looking forward to speaking with you!

Call me: (215) 626-3019.

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