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I am Home

Flowers and Flames - Key Nielsen

I bring you my magic, do what you must with it.

Turn it sideways and upside down,

and be sure to spend time with its dark side.

Take it to your bed at night

and please, please,

let it sit on the counter of your kitchen.

It will never be empty,

it will always be enough,

and it will for sure make you wonder. I am home, you see,

I don't need this magic anymore -

this is why I am giving it to you.

I, finally, am home.

A home made from the place where snakes are created,

a home made from Chaos

and from the descent in the darkest dark,

like all good stories of creation.

I have returned to that place I dreamed of

from the inside of my mother's womb,

when I was already wishing

to be fully myself.

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