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Francine Bonjour-Carter

Listener - Meaning Maker - Writer


:: ReConnect ::

Guidelines and Respect of Privacy

By purchasing and signing up for the seasonal program ReConnect, you agree to provide the following information:


Email address

Postal address

Your information will be used by the program's owner (Francine bonjour-Carter) for communication purposes related to the program and for general marketing purposes (newsletter, special offers). Your information is collected through the website's platform Wix and will not be voluntarly shared with any third party services.

The nature of ReConnect is to write a letter/card every month and send it by mail to another member of the program; for each season, you receive a package with mailing supplies for three months and a list of three members with their names and addresses, to whom you will send a letter/card every month.

Your name and postal address will be shared with other members of the program (the ReConnect Community) and by becoming a member, you agree to not share their information outside of the program and not use their information outside of the purpose of ReConnect, which is writing a monthly letter.

Each member will be both sending letters/cards and receiving some.

We respect your privacy and require that you respect every other member's privacy as well.

Anyone not respecting these guidelines and privacy policy will be immediately removed from the program with no refund.

Thank you.

See our website Privacy Policy

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