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Letter Writing

:: ReConnect ::
Creative Embodied Writing

A unique, experiential workshop of writing letters to feel connected to yourself and others in a meaningful way.

ReConnect will open your heart and center your body. It is true medicine against loneliness and overwhelm, and it will help you develop a practice of authenticity and kindness.

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- Group size: 6 to 20 people

- From 2 hours to a weekend-long workshop

- Materials required (can be provided): chairs (tables optional) for writing, stationery paper, pens, envelopes.

For longer workshop: above materials + mats/blankets to lie on the floor, postage stamps, markers, glue, craft stamps, ephemera and papers for collage, stickers.


An unlimited number of themes can be explored through this creative writing and community experience. Some examples are rest, nourishment, home, courage, and voice. We can find a theme that fits your space/event and group.

What participants do:

- Write heartfelt letter(s) following a specific theme

- Learn how to connect to their body in a mindful and grounded way

- Explore writing practices that bring flow and inspiration

- Read each other's letters

- Learn rituals to offer their letters to the natural world

- Create a mixed media card or a flower book (in longer workshops)

What they experience:

- A connection to deeper parts of themselves

- A heart-to-heart kinship with others

- Being centered and grounded

- Authentic presence

- A space for creativity and connection

- Giving and receiving with authenticity

Short Workshops

- 2 hours -

Introduction and welcome.

Embodied Awareness Exercise (15 minutes).

Inspiration & guidance for writing.

Writing a letter.

Reading the letters.



- 2h30 to 4 hours -

As above


Break (15 minutes).

Inspiration & guidance for writing.

Second letter writing or creation of a folding booklet.


Long Workshops

- One Day -

Introduction and welcome.

Embodied Awareness Exercise (30 to 45 minutes).

Inspiration & guidance for writing.

Writing of the first letter.

Small Break

Reading the letters.


-- Lunch Break --

Creation of a mixed media card or a folding booklet.

Inspiration & guidance for writing.

Writing of the second letter.


- Two Days -

As above repeated, a total of four themes and four letters,

 two mixed media cards.

Let's get in touch

If you have questions and/or are interested in having me to guide and teach at your space, event, or retreat, you can contact me by email or by phone. I'd be happy to chat with you, answer your questions, and explore how we can collaborate.

Thank you for your interest, I am looking forward to speaking with you!

Call me: (215) 626-3019.

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