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Image by Alessio Fiorentino
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An online event hosted by Prasada

- Learn about the gifts of letter writing

Experience deep presence through somatic awareness

- Write a very specific note of gratitude

- Learn a structure to start writing a letter

- Enjoy a practice of slowing down and creating genuine connections

This is a free workshop. Register to receive the link.

May the work of your hands be a sign of gratitude and reverence.

M. Gandhi


ReConnect will open your heart and center your whole self.

This short workshop brings creativity, writing, story sharing and somatic awareness together for an experience of deep presence.


Francine will talk about the gifts and benefits of writing letters, lead you through a somatic awareness exercise and teach about writing a simple and very specific note of gratitude that you can mail or give to someone.


You will have the tools you need to create authentic connections with others through the art of writing letters.

Listen to Francine and Meg, from Prasada, talk about
The Power of Gratitude - its place and benefits in our lives, and how to express it:

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