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Your Story

Intuitive Card & Story reading to reclaim your personal mythology

When a story comes, all it wants is to be written, told, embodied and expressed. It is full of seeds, and seeds are made of potential for transformation. I offer you the portal for stories that is inside of me, and the hand that will write the words that want to touch YOUR soul for re-connecting, for bringing you a little closer to where you belong and to the dream that you are part of.

Your story will belong to you, to the natural world, to your mythic self, and always - always - will be woven into the web of  your ancestral lines.

This intuitive process consists of three parts:

- a short questionnaire that helps me connect to where you're at,

- a quiet time for me to pull a card and listen to the story that wants to come for you (the imagery of card works as an entry point into your story),

- the making of your unique three-parts booklet.

Let me write the story that is waiting for YOU



Once your purchase is complete, you will receive a questionnaire with a few simple questions - your answers will help me to know where you are at, what symbols or concepts are currently present for you, they will act as threads of connection to your story.

I will then enter into a quiet and very intentional space in order to call your story. I listen and write it as it comes for you, without changing anything. No two stories are the same, each has a specific message for the person.


Your Booklet

You will receive a unique handmade 3-parts booklet crafted just for you.


It contains your channeled story, questions, prompts and journaling pages for a deeper exploration, and finally a ritual, recipe, or a practice for integration and embodiment.

You can expect your booklet to arrive three weeks after you have completed and returned the questionnaire.

It might take longer if you live in a different country.


Booked for 2021- thank you!
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:: What people say ::

"The story that Francine wrote for me just arrived. Over a cup of tea, her story blew me away. The imagery was powerful, and my path was made clear. This is one of the best intuitive readings I’ve ever had in the most unique package: a small book!"

Heather D.

I just got my beautiful story in the mail. Thank you so much for sharing your gift with me, the story gave me chills and made me feel seen for the first time in a while. It was beautiful, thank you.

A. R.

"That story stirred something really deep in me! I could feel things shifting and releasing as I was reading, and I want to take more time with the exploration you offer. This is unlike anything else I have ever read!"

Jodi M.