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Release Ritual

An 11-days ritual with Snake Medicine 


Release Ritual is an embodied and grounding practice to support you through any phase of transformation in your life. With Snake as your guide, you will create your own ritual based on the structure provided in the workbook below.


1/ Download and read the workbook. You can keep it on your device or print it.

2/ Schedule your ritual - it is the best way to start! Schedule the time on your calendar now - work with the moon, with your own cycle, with what is the most convenient for you. I recommend two weeks that will include three days of preparation and set up, 11 days of ritual, and one day of closing.

3/ When you are ready to prepare your 11 days of ritual, follow this visualization (guided by voice + drumming):

Guided Journey With Snake
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:: What people Say ::


I did the Release Ritual with Francine without much pre-thought to it, the word release seemed appropriate as I am moving through a new season in my life.

From the preparation to the closing of the ritual, I felt embraced by the ceremony.


Profound Shifts

Last fall I had my first experience of Release Ritual with Francine. 

I came into this new, without much knowledge of what to expect.  I walk forward immensely grateful for this opportunity, and for clear tools. I felt safe, curious and inspired through my process, and discovered nuanced and profound shifts over the 11 days.


Tools & Insights

This Release Ritual is rich and fortifying.  I take with me tools and insights from this beautiful experience back into my daily life to support and fortify my ongoing process and unfolding.


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