- April 25th & May 6th -

Yoga Shala Main Line, Narberth PA.

11 Days to Release

There is something in you that is ready to be released.
To be freed.
To be let go of.

It might be an old belief about yourself, an outdated way of thinking, a relationship dynamic, a phase of your life…

In this workshop, you will have supportive tools and find caring guidance to learn how to create your own 11-days release ritual.


Daily Practice

The materials of this workshop are designed to help you embody and call in the change you are seeking, guided by the archetypal energy of Snake. You will learn how to create your own altar and mantra so your ritual is unique and authentic.
We will meet twice, and you will receive a workbook to accompany you through the process.

For 11 days, you will sit daily at your altar and spend as little or as long as you want to do this practice. At the heart of any ritual sits clear intention - to set up special time and space to support your transformational process will help you to commit and ease your healing work.

In-person Meetings

We will meet two times:

  • Saturday 04/25 - awareness through movement, altar creation, learn how to create an altar, find your mantra.

  • Wednesday 05/06 - sharing our experience, closing ceremony.



Guiding Materials

You will receive written prompts and instructions to help you create your own altar and mantra, and a video with a special breathing exercise to keep you centered and grounded.

Before our first Zoom meeting, you will have identified what you want to release and what objects/imagery you will want to work with for your ritual.

The most powerful magic is the one you make with clear intention and caring support.

What People Say


I walk forward immensely grateful for this opportunity, and for Francine's gentle guidance. She held space for this circle with great kindness, clear tools, and compassionate support. I felt safe, curious and inspired through my process, and discovered nuanced and profound shifts over the 11 days.  

Francine is generous and insightful.

This Release Ritual is rich and fortifying.

I take with me tools and insight from this beautiful experience back into my daily life to support and fortify my ongoing process and unfolding.

Terri Anne

I did Release Ritual with Francine because the word release seemed appropriate at the time as I was moving through a new age and season in my life.

From the sign-up to the closing of the circle I felt embraced by the ceremony. 

The sessions were supportive and helpful, and

Francine's loving and supportive manner felt genuine and her knowledge kept me engaged.

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