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Reconnect with the Mystery

A voyage into your deep self


the archetypes of the Tarot

:: Free Workshop ::

Thursday, April 22nd

7pm-8:30pm E.T.

The Mystery is the place where darkness means richness.

A realm of depth where you understand more about who you are and find gems that bring meaning and movement back into your life.

This workshop will take you to the world of the Mystery with first a magical short film that explores some archetypes of the French Tarot de Marseille, then a presentation, and exercises in which you will explore:

- Times of initiation

- How to enter the Mystery

- Archetypes and symbols that specifically resonate for you

- How to connect with different parts of yourself.

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Thursday April 22nd

7pm-8:30pm E.T. / 4pm-5:30pm P.T.

Unlock your imagination

Reclaim your connection to the Mystery

Reconnect with your deeper self

This workshop is not about the art of Tarot reading, but about the art of self-exploration through some of the archetypes, imagery and symbols in the Tarot.

Presented by:

Francine Bonjour-Carter

Writer, Meaning-Maker and Artist

Francine's combination of mythic perspective, depth dwelling, and somatic awareness, along with her feminine approach, makes her teachings very rich.

She understands the unique challenges and complexity of being human, and is interested in highlighting the deeper currents going on beneath the surface in order to reconnect with our imagination and move through life with more trust.

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