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So many people have experienced the joy and deep meaning of joining  ReConnect  program and connecting with others through letters.


ReConnect is a unique experience.

This program fosters community, personal growth, slowing down, and creativity.

Sign up now to be the first notified when the next season opens, and you, too, will:

- Be part of a supportive community,

- Write and share your stories,

- Build a mindful monthly practice,

- Receive heartfelt letters.

Thank you!

You will have access to the registration first, and as space is limited, this is a real treat! And you will receive sneak peeks and behind-the-scenes stories while you wait for the next opening of ReConnect.

Why past participants can't wait for the next season of ReConnect:


“The last letter I received truly delighted me. I could feel that the person took time and space to write from her heart, as did I when I wrote my three letters. That felt like true connection, both sent & received.”


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It’s exciting to see what comes in the mail. The awareness practice really grounds me and helps me tap into my thoughts. It was an invitation to be open and creative, it’s a beautiful process.”


I was blown away by the package: everything is so gorgeous! ReConnect helps me get in touch with my body and my thoughts, it's been very therapeutic. It nourishes my soul.”


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It's easy to feel lonely these days, and receiving these letters in the mail was such a gift! I was touched by the stories shared, and could absolutely feel connected to people I have never met.”


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