A journey into multisensory-awareness.

Saturday, January 18th

2:30pm - 6:30pm, Havertown PA.

Quest For Vision is a unique spiritual, sensory and body awareness experience in which you explore the connection between your eyes and your intuition - it is offered at the beginning of the gregorian calendar in order to bring clarity and discernment for the new year to come.

A Shamanic


Wolf is a steady spiritual guide, offering us to follow his keen vision and receive supportive and grounding guidance for the coming year.

This workshop uses guided meditation, shamanic journey and sound to bring you a complete and personal sensory experience. 

A Somatic


Through sensing how your eyes move and exploring your physical vision, you will connect your sense of sight to your capacity for in-sight (the vision within).

Enabling yourself to connect intuition to your physical sense of self helps to feel whole and to integrate spiritual guidance into everyday life.




Give yourself the gift of clear vision

To expand our vision in this reality creates a bridge to expand our vision in life in general, and to include more of the natural world around us, with its subtle and clear messages. To see in that way is a form of attentive listening, it is an act of repair in order to restore the connection between us and our environment.


From that new state of vision, we can move from an ego-centered perspective to an inclusive place where we all have purpose and responsibility, and where we all belong. To see ourselves with different eyes and to see the world with different eyes is a process of healing, of uncovering and recovering some ancient connection we all have the potential to experience.

This workshop includes:

- Awareness Through Movement lesson (you will receive the recording afterward)

- Connection with Wolf through shamanic journey and guided visualization

- Year-ahead clarity notes

- Space to reflect, journal and share

- Oracle card guidance

- A booklet with worksheets and prompts

- Nourishing, organic snacks

- A space of integrity, respect, and safety



Allison B.

I was intrigued, delighted, and transformed by Francine’s mix of somatic (Feldenkrais) healing work with shamanic practice. She held a beautiful space that facilitated safety and cohesiveness in our group. I left with a new spirit animal friend, Wolf, and clarity of intention for the new year.

I am looking forward to more workshops with Francine!

Ally L.


The welcoming atmosphere and safe community of women helped me lean into self-discovery with no expectations.

What I gained was a deeper sense of introspection and the right to nourish my soul.

This workshop is ready to travel!

If you are interested in hosting Francine and Quest For Vision in your community for a half or full-day, please get in touch.

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