:: ORIGIN ::

Exploring your creation story

October 23rd-24th



This workshop is  a deep dive into your personal myth of origin, and combines the power of your imagination, guidance from spiritual realms, and myths of creation. You will identify the elements of your creation story in order to let it come to you, embody it in a restorative way, and re-connect with the living world that witnessed your creation. 

What are the gifts that were bestowed upon you?

What have you always carried with(in) you?

What elements of the natural world have been at your side?

We will work with stories as an entryway to an important part of yourself: your mythic self. Connected to both the seen and the unseen parts of the living world, your creation story lays the ground for you to face challenges, receive gifts, and offer blessings. All of these aspects are precious treasures to find in order to know more about the person you are becoming.


In this workshop you will:

- See the threads that connect you to the natural world - both seen and unseen

- Wake up to your mythic self

- Sense your creation story into your body

- Work with personal myth as a way to repair and reclaim your creative self

- Learn to listen differently

:: Find wild ways to tell the truth ::

Martin Shaw

You will receive your Origin package by mail, therefore registration ends on October 9th. A printed workbook along with some cards



Friday XX/XX 5pm-7pm

Saturday XX/XX 12pm - 3pm


This course includes:

  •  Origin - your printed workbook (XY pages)

  • Storytelling

  • Journeys to the world of the unseen / spiritual realms

  •  Somatic exploration with Awareness Through Movement

  •  Oracle cards pulling

  • A respectful space to share

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