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Re-Connect With Your Mythic Self

- February 20th - March 11th -

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Origin is a 3-week online course about exploring a fundamental piece of our identity through myth: the story of our origin.

We identify with our creation story in ways that are conscious and/or unconscious, and to illuminate this narrative, to re-write it, and to give it a wider dimension helps us expand who we are now, and move through our life with more depth.

To connect with our personal story of origin from a mythic perspective is a way to place ourselves into the bigger cosmology of the living world. Creation stories help us understand who we are, not in the context of a society made of rules and labels, but in the context of our uniqueness in order to find a deeper meaning in the life we have.


In this course, we will situate ourselves in relation to archetypes and integrate powerful and supportive images from the living world into our story. 

We will work with different tools from storytelling, psychology, family constellation, somatic awareness, and spiritual journeying in order to write our own Origin story - an alchemical tale to awaken something transformative in us and to anchor it into who we are becoming.

Aerial Forest

Exploring our Origin through a mythic lens

Our imagination is all we need to connect with our mythic self.
This deep imagination needs to be awakened and nourished with elements of nature, ancestral connection, sensory embodiment, and stories from all around the world in order to be full and to bear us the gifts that lie within.
This is the mythic ground from which we each come from, and to which we will reconnect during this course in order to write our own Origin story.

Live Meetings

We will meet on Zoom from 1pm to 3pm E.T. on Thursdays: February 25th, March 4th and March 11th.

On Saturday, February 20th, you will receive an email with all the details about how to access the course material (ebook, audio files, Zoom link) so you can start to explore and be ready for our first meeting.


Our live meetings will consist of teaching, sharing experiences and insights, writing, and visualization/journey.


They will be recorded for those who can not attend live.

Image by Timothy Meinberg

ORIGIN contains:

- Three live sessions of 2 hours each

- Three hour-long audio recordings of somatic awareness practice

- A beautiful PdF workbook

- A collection of three written origin stories

- A surprise package mailed to you

Image by Victoria
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