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Bridging stories:


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Nettle-Eater, by Tom Hirons, is a book about being initiated into the wild, surviving on a diet of nettles, and going through phases of transformation:

You were never more lost than you are now, if you cannot reach out, touch the wild earth and weep...

Living wild on Dartmoor, a man eats only nettles. His body disappears; he learns to fly. He encounters demigods and eloquent trees. He is Nettle-Eater, crooked, arrogant, self-proclaimed bastard of the moor. This is his testament.

(Hegespoken Press book's description)

We will dive into the story and harvest its treasures during 4 weeks together, exploring the following themes:

- Call & Initiation

- Embodiment & shapeshifting

- False beliefs

- Seeing the Unseen

- The scars & gifts of darkness

- Flying

- The Call in You

We will work with somatic awareness, journey to spiritual realms, ancestral healing, and discussion to support our learning. When exploring a myth or story, we must learn the skill of not stripping it bare from its magic, and rather than scrutinizing it, let the story flourish in our own imagination and listen to what it has to offer, both collectively and individually.

The story, then, becomes a vessel for intimate/deep inner travels.

This is an experiential workshop, we will walk with this medicinal story and bridge it to our personal mythology,  mending and reconnecting threads that are woven into each of us.

:: Find wild ways to tell the truth ::

Martin Shaw

This course includes a kit that will be mailed to you, in order to have time for your package to arrive, registration will close on XX/XX and the course will start on XX/XX.

Your will receive:

  •  Nettle Eater - the book by Tom Hirons, published in the UK by Hedgespoken Press 

  • Bridging Story - your workbook (XY pages)

  •  Nettle Medicine - harvested by me during the last Solar Solstice

  •  Nettle leaves for tea, harvested and dried by me

  •  Earth offerings packet

  •  A card


Registration by XX/XX

Each Monday you will receive an audio recording with the lesson for the week and study at your own pace following your workbook. We will meet each Friday for our Zoom session.

Week 1: Call & Initiation.

XX/XX, 6pm E.T. Zoom Meeting

Week 2: Embodiment in the wild

 XX/XX, 6pm E.T. Zoom Meeting

Week 3: Seeing the unseen

XX/XX, 6pm E.T. Zoom Meeting

Week 4: Flying & 

XX/XX, 6pm E.T. Zoom Meeting


The stories are there, in between the worlds, inside our hearts, outside in the natural world, in our hands, and it takes courage to listen, to bring them to full shape and share them. They are nourished by our travels, joys, heartbreaks, grief, wonderful friendships, and so many other learning experiences. They contain little nooks that require us to pause for a moment and look with more attention, they have many layers and offer us gifts each time we go deeper. 

To answer the call and walk freely with our stories does not necessarily require readiness, but paying attention - and a heart that does not want it to be any other way anymore.

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