Let's slow down and get cozy.

The work I do only makes sense because we connect together in order to create sincere beauty out of our experiences, our stories, our relationship to what is around us.

This is a heartfelt way to reclaim who we are in a world that is deeply transforming, and it is through words and through art that I invite you to sit with me during this transformation.

To be a member of this circle is to choose to connect differently, outside of social media platforms, in a space that feels grounded, free, and intimate.


It is saying yes to:

- Receiving tangible words on paper

- Listening to stories and seeing where they live in yourself

- Receiving original art 

- Leaning into the gifts of simple living

- Supporting creativity and writing as meaningful agents of change

- Choosing beauty

Connect & Support


:: A supportive relationship through words and art ::


By becoming a member you receive:

- My handwritten letter mailed to your home every month.

- Cards & Stories: monthly intuitive writings with questions, prompts, or recipes.

Available in written and audio form through a password-protected page on this website.

- One original piece of art every season (four times a year).

Mixed media card mailed to you with your monthly letter.

- Announcements about courses and events before they are public.

- Sneak-peeks at my upcoming book.


You membership will be renewed automatically every month until you cancel it.

I am very grateful for your support,
Thank you.

Join the circle to receive my last news and updates - a short monthly email.

My monthly letter is more special:

it is handwritten and sent to you by mail once a month.

You can receive it, along with my monthly Cards & Stories and some original art by becoming a member

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