Monthly  Letter

A handwritten letter that is mailed to you every month - a tangible and intimate process, a thread that we weave together: me by writing, you by receiving and taking the time to read.

It is a precious gift of presence.

Every month I sit with the intention of connecting with you. I take my pen and start to write, maybe I tell about a personal experience or a story I studied, I might pull a card or share some questions I currently have... with no agenda other than letting that moment unfold on paper, through my hand, I write you a letter.

This letter is an act of intimacy, of re-connection, of letting ourselves be touched and reclaim what weaves us together in this world.

I write and send my monthly letter during the third week of month, and you can support and receive it by becoming a member.

Your membership sustains the existence of this letter by financially supporting the logistics of the process (printing, paper, envelops, postage...), and for this I am very grateful.  

As a member, you also receive an original piece of art each season, access to Cards & Stories every month, and you are the first to know about the events I offer throughout the year.


:: Kind words ::

I just sat in the stillness of the morning reading your "Story of Fire." It has unfolded as exactly what I needed to read in this very moment. You so beautifully and eloquently described such a painful experience and how it has impacted your growth and life. I just want to thank you truly for spending the time and energy to put your thoughts and feelings to words in this way. Not digital... pen and paper. The way experience has been shared throughout history. I feel honored to receive your newsletter, and I want you to know how grateful I am that you are sharing your experience with me.

Karen J

When I received mine, I experienced the same excitement as I did when I received my own magazine in the mail at age 13. I saved reading your letter for today when I have the space and time to sit and drink my favorite cup of hot tea and listen to the crickets. Your handwriting is beautiful! And now I get to receive thoughts and feelings from your beautiful heart every month. 

Allison B