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Into the Mystery

A voyage into your deep self 
the archetypes of the Tarot

:: Oct. 22nd - Nov. 12th ::

This 3-week course is an invitation to travel into the world of the Mystery.

Enter the liminal - the place between this reality and the world of the imagination - to understand more about who you are and find gems that bring meaning and movement back into your life.

You will explore symbolism through a magical short film that presents archetypes of the French Tarot de Marseille in a unique way, opening the door to deeper parts of yourself.

Our weekly themes will be supported by discussions, tools for in-depth exploration, and a library of external resources (books, lectures and interviews, tarot deck resources).


October 22nd - November 12th

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Venmo @Francine-Bonjour-Carter

This profound and rich exploration speaks the language of the soul: poetry, imagery, symbolism, and archetypes. Each week of Into The Mystery is an opportunity to find answers and guidance within, make meaning of our experiences, and discover what the archetypes represent for each of us at this time our life.
This is not a Tarot-reading course, and no experience with the Tarot is necessary.