Due to COVID19, hands-on and in-person sessions are canceled and I am offering all my classes and workshops online.


I see movement as a long line of communication between the many different parts of ourselves. Sometimes the communication is impeded, or blocked, because a part of us is misaligned, holding tension or experiencing pain.
The causes can be physical or emotional, or a combination of both.

During a hands-on session, I guide your body through gentle, sometimes very subtle movements designed to bring flow and clarity to your whole self.

Together we will restore your inner lines of communication so you can move through your life in a free, peaceful and strong way.

Flowing Movements

I work with people who experience:


  • Back pain

  • Balance & vision problems

  • Stress and anxiety (related to trauma or difficult events)

  • A desire to (re)connect with their body and integrate their physicality into a meaningful life.

Sessions are held in my home-studio in Havertown PA.

Fee : $100/session.
(sliding scale available)

House calls within 20 minutes driving: $150/session.

Can I help?

Contact Me

for a 15 minutes phone-consultation

Let’s talk about what difficulty you have and what kind of help I can provide:

(484) 416 -1091


Steven R.

As a professional writer who sits at a computer for many hours a day, I had long been experiencing back pain and severe discomfort. After a series of individual sessions with Francine, the debilitating pain has virtually vanished! Combining years of Feldenkrais training with an instinctive understanding of how the human skeletal and  muscular systems interact, Francine was able to re-align my body and re-shape my thinking about how to move through life. Subtle, attentive and focused, Francine approaches the Feldenkrais method with a keen knowledge and estimable skills. Thank you!

Ashwin S.

I visited Francine’s Feldenkrais practice to address a number of sports-related injuries, as well as lifelong issues with my posture.
Francine creates a safe environment where people feel free to explore underlying issues, ask questions, and gain insights about their own body.
The results have been nothing short of astounding: lifelong tension in my neck, lower back, and shoulders has decreased dramatically in a very short period of time.
The change was so noticeable that people have commented on how relaxed my body looks.

Success Story

I began sessions with Francine three months after having major spine surgery. Prior to the surgery I could not walk or stand; I felt I had reached a point where physical therapy was no longer applicable to my needs. In particular, I was uncertain of how to move safely and effectively, I was scared of my body and in some ways felt betrayed by it.


Francine’s approach was precisely what I needed: a holistic means of learning to learn and relearn about myself. Her attunement to physiological and emotional, as well as situational factors, is remarkable; indeed, I believe she treats every client as they should be: an individual with needs requiring a dynamic and purposeful treatment journey. We worked on the movements and activities that I feared, slowly, gently, and mindfully. I ultimately learned things about my body I never would have considered otherwise, things many of us take for granted as we learned them as infants and toddlers. We discussed how emotions, particularly stress and depression pertaining to my situation can and were impacting my body. Further, Francine provided pragmatic movements and protocols for particularly worrisome prospects such as airplane travel.


It’s been less than a year since I first met Francine, and I feel more confident in my movements and activities, safer in my body, and rather than betrayed by it I am grateful for it. I walk without assistance, I do myriad things with my daughter who was born a month after my surgery, and I’m more aware of myself on a whole person level.

Jason S.

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