Aerial Forest

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We do not tell stories at night to fall asleep.

We tell stories to awaken our dreams, ourselves, the inner world of our Imagination.

We often miss the stories - mislead by our fast pace,

our never-enoughness, our disconnection. We let them pass by, slither away with their mythical possibilities and their transformative beauty but they are right here, carrying messages of truth. They are a window into ourselves and into the world, they open up a constellation of possibilities and understanding.

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Aerial Forest


A free workshop that will transport you to the world of the imaginal through archetypes of the Tarot. Reconnect with the deeper part of yourself, unlock your imagination and reclaim your connection to the Mystery.

Thursday, April 22nd.


An online gathering where we reconnect to ourselves and to the spiritual realms of nature through:

- embodiment practice

- guided visualization

- oracle cards guidance

Every second Friday of the month unless announced otherwise.


An intuitive writing process that calls a story just for you through the imagery of a card.

You will receive a unique and magical story-booklet (handmade and mailed to you) containing your channeled story with questions, prompts and practices to deepen your connection with your deeper self.

Life is not a straight path.

The world of the unseen is, and has always been, a great companion to help us experience wholeness and groundedness throughout our life-journey. It holds concepts that are out of time, touch on what is profoundly unique about living on this earth, and reconnect us with Veritas - truth, or nature of things.

And stories are bridges to this realm of the unseen, to the Mystery. 

Everything is and has a story that can reconnect us to our deep self.


Each story has threads of gold that we can weave into our lives, once we immerse into its gifts, allow ourselves to be part of it,

and embody the symbols and archetypes it offers.

I offer you to enter the place where your imagination, body, and psyche flow together, so you can find these threads of gold.

This process is a way to:

- truly feel connected to yourself and the natural world

- reclaim who you are on an authentic level

- access your sensory body

- develop a fuller presence in life


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