Personal and ancestral healing through

deep listening.

March 28th, 2pm - 5:30pm ET

Due to the current situation, this workshop has been moved online and offers a flexible fee.

We all have stories.

We are creatures who make and are made of stories, both from our direct experiences and passed down our ancestral lineage. Some of these stories have been buried or ignored, leaving a space of discomfort, uncertainty, stuckness. Others have joy and aliveness in them and can be a source of reconnection and well-being.

Listening to the stories that want to come to us as medicine is a wonderful vehicle for awareness and transformation. The process of giving voice and acknowledgment to what has been silenced, hidden, or ignored helps us understand more, experience more of who we are, and find a new sense of freedom.

Flexible Fee:
$40 / $30 / $20

How to know where you are on the Flexible Fee scale:

There is something really deep to understand in communicating with our ancestors in times of crisis and big changes. There are answers and support in this dialog that can help us:

- gather wisdom to soothe our anxiety

- understand better what our role is

- reconnect with ourselves and feel grounded

- bridge the individual transformation to the collective transformation

- hear and learn from our ancestors' experiences in times of crisis

This workshop was scheduled a long time before COVID19 changed our lives, it came to me on a Sunday morning while I was in bed and was loud and clear about being brought to life. I believe this is a great time to connect with our ancestors and hear what they have to tell us and how they can support us in this special time.

Saturday, March 28th, 2pm-5:30pm ET


Flexible Fee

A unique invitation to deep listening,

connecting, and healing.

This workshop is a multi-dimensional experience where each participant explores their own mythology through vintage pictures in order to bring healing to a story that wants to be heard and honored, whether it comes from direct experience, from an ancestor, or both.


Somatic awareness and shamanic drumming will help us develop a refined perception and sharpen our senses in order to be fully present to what comes through the images we choose.


There are three aspects to this work: individual, ancestral, and collective - each picture will lead each participant to explore and honor these three aspects. 

What we will do together:

- ground ourselves with Awareness Through Movement

- chose two vintage pictures 

- listen to the story of each picture

- receive guidance through shamanic journey

- express the story in writing and in talking

- share our experience in a safe and non-judgmental space

- honor and bring healing through ceremony

What you need:

- a journal and pen

- a scarf, eye-mask, or sweater to cover your eyes (optional)

- something from nature to give as an offering (stone, leaf, stick/twig, pinecone...)

With a strong foundation in earth-based spirituality and therapeutic practice, Francine brings a distinctive depth to this workshop so you can experience genuine presence and safety in yourself.

She will guide you with groundedness toward listening to your ancestors and to the stories that want to be carried through your voice.


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