A shamanic and body-awareness workshop to

reclaim your voice.

Saturday, October 26th

2:30pm - 6:30pm

Havertown, PA

For many years, I have been hearing about the challenging relationship people have with their voice (myself included). Whether it is the thought of having nothing to contribute, or the desire to not make any wave, or being used to not be listened to and not being heard, we have many patterns that lead us to not be fully at ease with our voice.

Voice and power are closely related, and to not dare or not know how to use our voice keeps us away from being in our full power.

Our voice is a direct and unique manifestation of who we are. It is connected to a lot of stories related to our self-image, it is rooted in our upbringing, and it requires both vulnerability and strength to explore it. This workshop will give you the safety and the tools needed to do this exploration in a non-judgemental and caring way. You will re-connect to yourself both on a spiritual and physical level in order to reclaim the wholeness of your voice and find its power of origin.

What we'll do:

Vocal awareness and exploration of our actual vocal system through Awareness Through Movement® lessons: we will make sounds, sense the vibration of our voice in order to develop a better sense of what happens physically when we use our voice. To be more aware of our vocal system enables us to expand its ability and power.

Shamanic journeys will help us connect with the spiritual realms in order to understand what is attached symbolically to our voice, and what guidance and wisdom we can gather around it.

Earth Medicine and Animal guidance. Whale will be our guide for this exploration, this ancient animal has some specific wisdom to share about the Original Voice. By connecting to the sound of whale's songs we will learn something about our own voice and will find support for our reclaiming.

Storytelling. Stories are a beautiful way to uncover the meaning of our voice, understand its symbolism and its place in our personal myth.


Yung Pueblo - Inward

What you receive:

- All activities listed above

- A space of integrity and safety

- Time to reflect and journal

- A copy of the book "Prayers Of Honoring Voice" by Pixie Lighthorse

- The recording of the Awareness Through Movement practice we will do together

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