The Feldenkrais Method

The Feldenkrais Method is at the crossroads of self-awareness, neuroscience and body mechanics.


It is a practice that helps us find more possibilities in movement and aims to integrate every part of who we are into our body.

Through this work, we are led to safely explore our sensory system, thoughts, and self-image in order to learn more about ourselves.


The more we know about ourselves, the more we can BE ourselves.


Due to COVID19, all classes and workshops are happening online.

Francine Bonjour-Carter offers her 15 years of personal experience with the method as well as her 4 year-long Feldenkrais professional training in combination with her interest and knowledge in human psychology,

mindful living, and self-development.


You can experience this work through individual sessions and group classes.

There is a very concrete and tangible aspect of this work that has to do with releasing tension and alleviating pain and physical limitations.
There is a more subtle and deeper aspect that has to do with expanding our awareness and reclaiming our innate freedom and power.

Moshe Feldenkrais (1904 –1984)

The Feldenkrais Method was developed by Moshe Feldenkrais, D.Sc., who synthesized insights from physics, motor development, bio-mechanics, psychology, and martial arts to develop a system that reconnects learning with human health and function.

Dr. Feldenkrais was a distinguished scientist, physicist and engineer., and a Judo instructor and semi-professional soccer player.

Before he passed away in 1984, in Tel-Aviv, Feldenkrais personally trained a small group of practitioners in the US and in Israel to continue his work. Today there are over 6,000 practitioners around the globe.

“Francine is a dynamic, intelligent and committed Feldenkrais practitioner, her students are lucky to have her!”
Aliza Stewart
Feldenkrais Method Trainer and Educational Director


Trying the Feldenkrais Method for chronic pain

By Jane Brody,

New Yor Times - October 2017

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By Lisa Rein,

Washington Post - September 2018

Neuroplasticity, Healing, and the Feldenkrais Method

Norman Doidge

Author of "The Brain's Way of Healing"- 2015

9 minutes long interview

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