Earth Medicine is a way of living connected to the cycles of nature and to the wisdom of all beings. To be an Earth Medicine practitioner means to refine our listening so we hear the subtle, the magic, the unseen, and develop a trustful relationship with all that is of Nature - ourselves included.


Self-knowledge and Earth-knowledge flow around the same values: respect, integrity, nurturing and legacy. The practice of Earth Medicine integrates these values into our everyday life through rituals and tools that connect our modern living to ancient wisdom, to spiritual guidance, to our environment, to our primal nature and to each other.



Throughout the year, I offer different ways of learning and working with the living world, both online and in-person. A lot is changing right now, and some new offerings are growing in the dark - like seeds in the Earth. If you want to be informed of my next events, you can sign up for my monthly newsletter.


Since she was a child, Francine has felt spiritually connected with her environment and nature, and was looking for a way to articulate, understand and develop that connection. Grief, love, motherhood, changing country and learning a new language - among other life experiences - have been Francine's transformative containers for growth and development, and for strengthening that spiritual connection. 

Paying attention and intentionally showing up in an authentic way are the foundations of her way of living grounded.


Learning and working with dreams, shadow, inner child healing, body awareness, ancestors, animal/plant/stone medicine, and family systems, have shaped her view of seeing healing as a life journey and a process.


From 2011 to 2018, she has learned with Pixie Lighthorse and completed the 4 levels of SouLodge Earth Medicine School. Since 2015 Francine has been deeply studying the teachings of Clarissa Pinkola Estes, and following the works of Sharon Blackie, Lara Veleda Vesta, Martin Shaw, and Bayo Akomolafe.

Her most important and forever teacher is the Earth and the living world - seen and unseen.


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Let us remember
The ancient clay,
Holding the memory of seasons,
The passion of the wind,
The fluency of water,
The warmth of 
The quiver-touch of the sun
And shadowed sureness of the moon.

That we may awaken,
To live to the full
The dream of the Earth
Who chose us to emerge
And incarnate its hidden night
In mind, spirit, and light.


John O'Donohue

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