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A 4-week course to explore the legacy

of  The Sleeping Beauty

We do not tell stories at night to fall asleep.

We tell stories to awaken our dreams, ourselves, the inner world of our Imagination.

We often miss the stories - mislead by our fast pace,

our never-enoughness, our disconnection. We let them pass by, slither away with their mythical possibilities and their transformative beauty but they are right here, carrying messages of truth. They are a window into ourselves and into the world, they open up a constellation of possibilities and understanding.

Walter Crane Illustration 1882.jpg

Illustration by Walter Crane - 1882

Aerial Forest
Image by Annie Spratt

The Workbook

This inspirational writing consists of one oracle card, one story, and a few questions and/or prompts to help you follow your own thread and connect it with a personal, meaningful experience. This is not a card reading, but rather a call to the Imaginal.

Available every month for members, and each season for non-members. 

Live Meetings

We will meet on Zoom every Friday for four weeks, from 1pm to 3pm E.T.

Dates: February 19th, 26th,  March 5th, 12th.

On Saturday, you will receive an email with the guidance for the week so you can explore the story and work with your workbook. Our live meetings will consist of teaching, sharing experiences and insights, and visualization/journey.

On our first and last meetings, we will gather in ritual to open and close our time together with this story.


Our Themes

- The Gift Of The 13th

Spells, Contracts, and Boundaries

The Gift Of Sleep and Rest

Being Awake

Edward Coley Burne-Jones {{PD-US}}.png

Online Event

Friday, February 12th

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