:: Aware ::

Develop a true sense of embodiment and groundedness in yourself in order to reconnect

with the living world.

Online Course - April 2020

4 Thursdays in April (9th, 16th, 23rd, 30th)

8pm-9:30pm ET / 5pm-6:30pm PT

There are two places we all spend our whole lives in: our selves and the Earth. Both are complex, multi-dimensional, resilient, wounded, both have cycles and rhythms, and need nourishment.

What if they were so closely related that our connection to one would foster a connection to the other?

Somatic awareness is a wonderful foundation for creating a new way of being present in the world we live in. To bridge this awareness to Earth-based spiritual experiences helps us perceive more than the usual and familiar, and build a conscious, grounded and authentic life.

Aware introduces you to the concept of body awareness as a tool for developing a strong sense of presence and expansion in your body, spirit, and mind. This course is a sensory experience and an exploration of your inner landscape as a foundation for reconnecting to the living world around you.

Flexible Fee for this
4-weeks  program:
$55 ($13.75/week)
$40 ($10/week)
$25 ($6/week)
You will receive the link to the course right after your payment is processed.

Due to the impact of COVID19, I am offering a Flexible Fee on all workshops and classes.

Each week, we will explore one foundational theme through somatic awareness, shamanic journey, and discussion:

Week 1 - Support

Week 2 - Safety

Week 3 - Power

Week 4 - Multi-dimensionality

Our explorations will lead to questioning and revisiting our belief system and our self-image as well as learning how to find guidance and support in the living world, which can be described in the context of this course as what is seen and what is unseen. Our goal is to re-create an authentic connection and conversation within ourselves first and expand it to the natural world around us.

Somatic awareness:

We will work with Awareness Through Movement, from the Feldenkrais Method® - you will be verbally guided through a specific sequence of easy, slow movements and invited to sense yourself differently. These movements are designed to create new connections with your brain, your imagination, your thoughts, your nervous system, and your emotions. The beauty of this practice is that every participant does it in their own way and with their own ability, there is no model and no achievement other than developing one's awareness, which means you can start exactly where you are right now.

Shamanic journey and visualization:

The use of sound for accessing a different state of consciousness is a very old traditional way used all over the world. We will travel to the realm of the spiritual and connect with the Mundus Imaginalis, or the other world, a liminal space that holds guidance, symbols, and messages.


This course is in 4 parts and takes place via Zoom, an online video-call platform. It is suggested that you attend at least two sessions live.

What you need:

- Internet connection to access our Zoom online classroom

- A mat or blanket to lie on the floor

- Comfortable clothes

- A scarf or eye-mask to cover your eyes (optional)

What you receive:

- Four 90 minutes sessions of teaching and time for Q&A/sharing

- A safe space to re-connect with yourself

- Four 45 minute-long exploration of Awareness Through Movement®

- Gentle guidance for in-depth exploration

- Shamanic journey / sound healing visualization

- Access to the recording each week


Flexible Fee for this
4-weeks  program:
$55 ($13.75/week)
$40 ($10/week)
$25 ($6/week)
You will receive the link to the course right after your payment is processed.

Aware will help you to:

- (re)connect with your body in a gentle way

- be more grounded and centered

- develop a sense of inner safety

- relate to and be in conversation with nature

- create a non-judgmental space for yourself

- develop a different approach to movement and embodiment

- experience yourself as an evolving part of the living world

- bridge spiritual work and somatic awareness 

With a strong foundation in earth-based spirituality and therapeutic practice, Francine brings a distinctive depth to this course so you can experience a true sense of embodiment and connection to yourself.

She will guide you toward a refined level of listening and sensing through shamanic drumming and through gentle, slow movements that are unique to this practice and do not require any experience or level.

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