A gentle way of exploring movement in order to reclaim your body.

For the time being, all classes and workshops are happening online.

Guided verbally, you will move through a very gentle and slow sequence of movements, bring your attention inward, listen and connect to the wisdom of your body.

The results will be an increased body awareness, less pain and tension, and a deeper understanding of how to move in a way that feels supportive. There is no level or experience necessary, the beauty of this practice is that every person starts where they are: you will do the movements in your own unique way, and learn more about yourself.

You will be lying on a mat and follow the verbal instructions for 45 to 60 minutes. The movements are very slow and gentle – they make your brain work more than your muscles.




Saturday 9am ET

We are on Summer break - classes will resume at the end of August.


5-weeks package: $75 ($15/class)

Your package starts on the Saturday following your registration, you will receive the recording of each class for 5 weeks.


Please contact me if your financial situation is challenged and you need another option.

(484) 416-1091

For your group

If you have a group of 5 or more, a workshop or series of classes can be designed for your needs.

Contact me for more information.

Feldenkrais Method

Awareness Through Movement for everyday life


Jim  S.

I am a building contractor with a history of chronic back pain. Learning the Feldenkrais Method from Francine has enabled me to manage my pain and eliminate my daily reliance on painkillers. I have worked with Francine one-on-one for a few sessions and participate in her classes. My results are always positive, immediate, and measurable.

As a teacher, Francine is calm, clear, and a pleasure to follow. I look forward to attending her classes each week and learning something new.

Emily S.

Your classes are always great, and this has so much to do with you and the way you teach. It’s a gift that you have.

There is no sense of tension or expectation, I don’t feel any fear and so my body can go into a natural state easily.
You’re facilitating this very natural process and you are doing it beautifully, thank you.


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