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Cards & Stories

A card.

A story.

An exploration.

Each month I quietly pull a card, and listen to the story that comes forth. It is not an interpretation or a reading, but rather an intuitive writing, a story transmitted through the imagery of the card with the intention of sharing with you and inspiring some of your own threads to unravel.

It is a process of awakening the Mundus Imaginalis - the world of the imaginary - and connecting to each other through stories.

It is also a tool for going deeper, each story being followed by questions, prompts, a ritual or a recipe for you to explore your personal connection to the story.

Oracle cards by Autumn Skye and Kim Krans.

Cards & Stories is available to everyone on the first of March, June, September, and December; the other months of the year, it is a member-only feature (members also receive my monthly handwritten letter).

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