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Book Club & Story Exploration

Hosted by Jewelweed shop

Deepening Into Story: The Handless Maiden

and finding healing through transformation

- with the book Smokehole by Martin Shaw

In partnership with Jewelweed store, we will explore the story of The Handless Maiden and the gifts it holds for each of us. Stories and myths contain universal images and themes that act like a key to the deepest parts of ourselves. To walk with a story means to look under the surface and make meaning of our personal experiences in a healing way.

As a participant, you receive:

  • The book Smokehole by mythologist Martin Shaw

  • Inner Knowing flower elixir by Lotus Wei

  • A Snowflake Obsidian crystal to facilitate clarity + reflection

  • A serving of 100% cacao

  • Two-hour online gathering on Sunday, May 22nd from 6-8pm CST




Jewelweed invites you to Deepening Into Story - The Handless Maiden, with Francine Bonjour-Carter.

During our time together we will:

- Explore the path of transformation and its different elements

- Learn how to connect with our mythic self

- Recognize the resonating elements of a story

- Find support

- Gain a broader perspective on our personal experiences

Through discussion, prompts, body awareness, and visualization, Francine will guide us into the story of The Handless Maiden to uncover a more profound meaning in our life experiences.  Francine will also share some of her personal writings that illustrate this concept clearly.


This workshop is interactive, rich, and reflective, no matter your experience with storytelling and mythic imagination.

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