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Develop a true sense of embodiment and groundedness by reconnecting with yourself in an exquisite way.

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Aware introduces you to the concept of body awareness as a tool for developing a strong sense of presence and expansion in your body, spirit, and mind. This introductory class is a sensory experience and an exploration of your inner spaciousness.


With a foundation in earth-based spirituality and healing therapeutic practice, Francine brings a distinctive depth to this class so you can experience a true sense of embodiment and connection to yourself. She will guide you toward a highly refined level of inner listening and sensing through gentle, slow movements that are unique to this practice and do not require any experience or level. 

This is a donation-based offering ($5 and up)

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You will be verbally guided through a specific sequence of easy, slow movements. The beauty of this practice is that every participant does it in their own way and with their own ability, there is no model and no achievement other than developing one's awareness, which means you can start just where you are.


What you need:

- Internet connection

- A mat or blanket to lie on the floor

- Comfortable clothes

- A journal and a pen

What you get:

- A safe space to re-connect with yourself

- 30 minute-long Awareness Through Movement® exploration

- Gentle and strong guidance for an in-depth exploration

- Francine's 15 years of experience with this method

This is a donation-based offering ($5 and up)

to receive the class recording by email

Aware might be for you, if you:

- are looking for a gentle way to (re)connect with your body

- need to be more grounded and centered

- want to find a sense of safety in your own body

- long for a non-judgmental space to explore movement

- want to try a different approach to movement

- want to experience yourself differently in your body

-want to bridge spiritual work and body awareness 


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