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- Awake -

- Bridging stories -

Stories and myths are out of time and out of place. They have the ability to touch you today in the same way they touched your ancestors 2oo years ago: they hold layers of truth, mirrors for different facets of who you are, and a connection to the Living World (nature, spirit, magic).

The story of The Sleeping Beauty has many layers that are very relevant for us today - both on an individual and on a collective point of view. To explore a story in this way is to first listen to what wants to touch you, it is an exercise of letting your imagination be free and letting the symbols, archetypes and wisdom of the story unfolds in ways you comprehend deeply.

We will work with somatic awareness, journey to spiritual realms, ancestral healing, and discussion to support our learning. When exploring a myth or story, we must learn the skill of not stripping it bare from its magic, and rather than scrutinizing it, let the story flourish in our own imagination and listen to what it has to offer, both collectively and individually.

The tale, then, becomes a vessel for intimate and deep inner travels.

This is an experiential workshop, we will walk with this medicinal story and bridge it to our personal mythology,  mending and reconnecting threads that are woven into each of us.


What we'll do

We will immerse ourselves in the story the Sleeping Beauty and explore the following themes:

- Times of initiation

- The forgotten one(s)

- Prophecy, spells and contracts

- Working with protection

- The medicine of being asleep

- Dreams

- The medicine of being awake

All these threads are woven through our past, our present and our future, they each carry inquiries and insights that are relevant for us right now - personally and collectively.

Lori Menna Sleep.png

Art by Lori Menna

All my courses include a package that will be mailed to you. In order to have time for your package to arrive to you, registration will close on October 8th.

You will receive:

  • Bridging Stories with The Sleeping Beauty - your workbook (color, XY pages with prompts)

  •  Rose Medicine (for tea or for keepsake)

  •  Earth offerings packet

  •  An inspiration card



Registration deadline: 10/08.

During our two Zoom classes, we will explore the story, the themes, reflect on their personal relevance, work with archetypal energies and share.

Between our calls you will use your workbook for self-exploration and have access to a somatic awareness class recording that you can do on your own.

Plan one to two hours of self-study during the week.

Zoom calls:

Saturday, October 17th1pm-4pm E.T.

Saturday, October 24th1pm-4pm E.T. 



:: Find wild ways to tell the truth ::

Martin Shaw

For homepage:

A deep dive into the tale of The Sleeping Beauty and its legacy. Read the story in your workbook, explore questions, prompts and concepts to connect to where you are right now in your own life. Includes two 2-hour Zoom calls and a package with a beautiful workbook, plant medicine, and other goodies.

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:: AWAKE ::

Exploring the legacy of The Sleeping Beauty and its personal relevance right now.

November 2020

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