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Fall 2019

(date to be announced)

Havertown, PA

We all come from a long line of ancestors and carry their legacy within us.

The ones we have known, the ones we have heard of or found records of, and the ones who are so far away in time that their names and stories have not reached us in an audible, rational way.

All of them have gifts and teachings for us.

All of them are accessible to us.

We are essential in our lineage, we are the link between the past and

future generations, we have power, we have access

and we have support from our ancestors

when we connect, honor and listen to them.


The Work

Situate Yourself

Where are you in your lineage?
What story are you here to shape into a healthier form for the future?


Who is waiting for you to connect with them?

Who in your lineage dreamed you into being?

Support & Honor

What support do you have from those who walked this Earth before you?

How do you honor them?

We will use different tools to connect with our ancestors, explore these questions and bring forth the messages and teachings they have for us:

- Shamanic journey

- Body awareness

- Storytelling

- Storywriting/Journaling

- Ceremony

Fee: $55

The information you provide via your online payment will be used for your registration.

Once your registration is processed, you will receive an email with directions and details. 

Francine is a body-awareness and earth medicine practitioner near Philadelphia, PA. Her personal medicine is about re-connecting (to our body, our intuition, our environment) and mending brokenheartedness, which she views as a serpentine process that can shift even the oldest belief and conditioning. Her healing work focuses on living an embodied, spiritual, and transformative life.

Francine has been circling and learning with other women in her native France and in the US for many years, she has built a very grounded spiritual practice and she can walk both on the light and the shadow side, offering compassion and clarity to those who are looking for authentic support.

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